AAJEEVIKA / SGSY Special Project
                                     Implemented By:EGMM


Networking with Alumni

    An Alumni Network has been introduced this year. Under the initiative, the youth placed by EGMM and HR managers of recruiting organizations were recently invited to share their views. The first Alumni Network Meet was conducted on 9 August, with eight alumni present. They discussed issues related to their work, placements in different sectors, facilities provided by companies, as well as the advantages of having an Alumni Network. It is proposed to have such Meets on the third Tuesday of every month. A second Meet was held on 14 September, at which HR managers of various recruiting organizations were also invited to share their views.

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Employment Generation and Marketing Mission (EGMM) is a society set up by the Department of Rural Development of the Andhra Pradesh (AP) Government to provide employment to the rural unemployed youth.