AAJEEVIKA / SGSY Special Project
                                     Implemented By:EGMM

Implementation strategy:

Stage 1: The processes involved in program implementation begin with collecting the data of unemployed youth which goes into a database. Identification of Unemployed youth is done systematically by a household survey done by team of trained community members. We have youth database of 9.5 lakh youth where in we have capture their Educational Qualification, Skill sets and Aspirations.

Stage 2: Market scan is done to understand the market scenario and to identify employment opportunities available. We also invite the companies to login online and place their requirement.

Stage 3: On the basis of market scan the sectors and courses with high employment potential are identified. The youth from the database will be identified after mapping their aspirations and qualification with the eligibility set by industry. This will be followed by counseling and admission of youth in EGMM training centers. The youth admitted will undergo trainings which are of 1-3 months.

Stage 4: At the end of training, companies come for campus recruitment. Youth placed in jobs are offered sensitive support like counseling, support money hostels identification in cities to prevent dropouts.

The rural and tribal poor youth who are from agricultural wage labourer families earning barely Rs.12000 per annum. The youth send home on average Rs.24000 per annum. This money is used to buy assets like TV, land; educating a younger sibling and to retire a high cost debt. Thus impact studies showed EGMM work takes families out of poverty in a sustained manner.

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Employment Generation and Marketing Mission (EGMM) is a society set up by the Department of Rural Development of the Andhra Pradesh (AP) Government to provide employment to the rural unemployed youth.