AAJEEVIKA / SGSY Special Project
                                     Implemented By:EGMM

    UnEmployed Youth Survey:

   The government of Andhra Pradesh has done an extensive employment survey in the rural areas across the state. It was planned to develop the database of the rural employed youth for assessing the training needs, work interests and thereby provide employment/ employability for the rural youth. It was also decided to use the Abhaya Hastham database to collect and computerise the youth details of SHG members, household wise to integrate database and further follow up for trainings and other opportunities. The following are the details at a glance :

    Total Enrolled - 811105

     Male - 435565
    Female - 375540
     SC - 211214
     ST - 70697
     BC - 392129

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Employment Generation and Marketing Mission (EGMM) is a society set up by the Department of Rural Development of the Andhra Pradesh (AP) Government to provide employment to the rural unemployed youth.